At Wagga Hearing Support Centre, our focus is to help people with hearing loss to enjoy life to the fullest, taking advantage of support, opportunities, and information available.

Hearing loss does not mean you have to suffer a lesser quality of life.

Support Services

NDIS Pre-Plan Advocacy and Collaboration

Applying for and navigating your NDIS Plan is a daunting prospect for most people. We'll support you through this process, and help you to formulate your plan for the most effective outcomes for you.

Disability Service Coordination

We can help coordinate disability services for the deaf and hard of hearing. We can tell you what services are available, and what support you can make use of.

Advocacy for Change

If you feel you are in a situation where your requirements are not being met by an organisation, we can help to put your case in a manner to support organisational change. Whether it's a government department, local council, employer or private organisation, we can help.

Hearing Care Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation, after an injury or illness that effects your hearing, poses issues specific to your lifestyle and no one solution fits everybody. We can help to identify your needs, tailor a program to suit you, giving you the tools to help yourself.

We will help you learn to manage your hearing loss, minimising impact in your life.

We will support you right through your journey.

Cochlear Post Switch On Support

After the switch on of a cochlear hearing device, we can support you through a challenging time.  With personal experience, we can help you to avoid the pitfalls, and make the most of this technology.

Training and Education

Education Presentations and Seminars

We present information seminars to community groups and workplaces to help educate groups on how to effectively communicate with individuals who are hard of hearing.

AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) Classes

Whether you have a hearing impairment or you know someone who does, sign language is a great, non-intrusive way to communicate. We can help you to learn. We can train a group that you organise, or individuals can join one of our classes.

Lip Reading

A simple skill that can really make an impact is the ability to lip read. We can help you to develop this skill. It's really very easy.

Workplace Modification Advice

The workplace is one environment which is often overlooked. We can help you and your employer to make simple yet effective changes to increase workplace comfort and effectiveness.

Assistive Technologies

Hearing Loop Hire & Installation

A hearing loop can make a massive difference at training sessions, presentations, and other group events. We can help with the hire and installation of a portable hearing loop.

Assistive Products for Personal Care, Safety and Recreation

There are many products on the market today that are touted to help the hard of hearing. Some of these are fantastic, and some of them less so. We can help you to choose what will work for you, and help you make decisions based on actual experiences rather than sales hype.

Product Information, Demonstration & Sales

We can source demonstrate and sell assistive technology products to help with your situation.

We will only recommend and sell you a product if we believe it will help you. Your comfort and quality of life is our priority.

Cochlear Spare Parts and Accessories

With personal experience, we can assist with spare parts, accessories and maintenance for your cochlear device. 

Activities (email or phone us for details)

Lego Clubs for Adults & Children

A fun interactive activity for adults & children to interact with others, in a casual atmosphere. 

Hearing Aiders Morning Tea

A weekly morning tea for users of hearing aids. A great opportunity to meet others, and share experiences, advice and solutions.