My Journey ...

Health is something we take for granted. Because we never fully understand its value until it’s gone, it often isn’t until we suffer some form of accident, illness or injury that we realize just how valuable our health is. Sometimes, when we lose something so treasured, something much better is found. For me, when I lost my sight, hearing, and mobility I gained a journey into discovering who I really am. I evolved into a person I didn’t know existed. I had empathy and compassion for others, but I was so wrapped up in my own bubble world that I went from being totally absorbed in my own world to a growing fire in the pit of my belly to help others with hearing loss anyway I could and it was a major life changing transformation.


It took me a long time to adapt to my new situation. I learned that when your back is up against the wall, and there is nowhere to run, you learn to work with what you have. Achieving some goals and dreams come quickly and others require a tremendous amount of persistence, determination and guts which is okay because there is no race to the finish line.

I thought life was in the palm of my hand, but some things don’t last forever.


Everything I had previously dreamed or thought my life would be like was gone. I was pushed to the limits and I had to re-invent the story of my life.

Now, I’ve grown into someone who is completely different than the person I used to be, and I have discovered the real me!